Pizza Italian Academy UK


International Pizza Challenge

30 November 2018 18:00:00

If you are a professional pizza chef, do not miss an important opportunity to show off one of the most important world capitals in London. The championship is reserved for up to 30 pizza chefs, it competes on a wood-burning oven, the only specialty of round pizza. The jury is composed of master pizza makers and industry professionals who initially vote without knowing who made the pizza only after the vote the pizza chef will be presented. 

This for maximum transparency and impartiality. Win the best and the best pizza. The championship will be held at Rullo's Pizzeria in the famous neighborhood of Camden Town, Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 10:00 am The registration fee is 60 pounds the deposit is 30 pounds that we will charge in euros, while the balance of 30 pounds on the day of the race must be taken to a pizzeria in pounds sterling. We are waiting for you!

Price: £60

Deposit: £30

Registration Request